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  18. Oktober 2022, von Sebastian

The speed and convenience with which a customer can view the site is essential to the buying process. With a niche market and longer purchase cycles, B2B brands need to keep a steady pipeline of warm leads. Think higher conversions, repeat purchases, rave reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. These are significant and can make the difference between the growth and decline of a company. UX plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your website is not only functional, but intuitive, reliable, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

For the most accurate pricing for your site, ask for quotes from ecommerce website design companies. Their quotes will help you build a baseline for how much your website will cost, which can help you establish a realistic budget for hiring a top ecommerce web developer and designer. Offerings are something else to consider when deciding on what ecommerce web design company to choose. You should never settle – you should always ensure that you find a company that offers everything you’re looking for in a web design company. Chances are you’ll be together over the course of the life of your website, and you want to be sure that you are never missing any features that you dreamed of for your website.

Our Kansas City web development specialists will create a custom web portal to enhance your business’s internal and external processes. We can offer you an eCommerce platform that is both optimal for your current needs and supports your business growth. With our compelling digital commerce strategies, we help businesses optimize the entire digital journey of end customers. NIX is a team of 3000+ specialists all over the globe delivering software solutions since 1994. We put our expertise and skills at the service of client business to pave their way to the industry leadership. The most obvious advantage is the cost-effectiveness of contracting compared to in-house for all enterprise businesses.

Tools & Technologies

To design a high-performing website, you need to understand your target audience and the best way to reach it. Both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer ecommerce websites have the same agenda — make a sale. Once everything has been checked thoroughly, we will launch the site on your server and follow launching procedures depending on if the site is a redesign or we’re standing up a brand new site. We build light websites and make sure that all aspects of load time are optimized. Mobile-Friendly Website – Mobile responsiveness is a huge ranking factor on Google and other search engines. Your website will be designed for all mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets.

ecommerce web design solutions

We unlock the potential of eCommerce platforms as a distinguished eCommerce web development business to provide you with feature-rich, exclusive, and reliable eCommerce websites. Our team developed a custom mobile application that can offer smooth navigation to ease customer purchases for a FMCG brand. Our team suggested native mobile app development as it has the potential to offer trending and intuitive features to the c…

A great user experience should always come first.

Be it modernizing legacy systems, enhancing customer experiences, or fully automating processes, as one of the leading eCommerce development companies, we enable transformations across dimensions. Unlock the potential of Magento 2 to empower your online business with an e-commerce store that is feature-rich, customizable, flexible, responsive, and secure. Do you want to gain a winning advantage for your business with an e-commerce store that delivers top-notch shopping experiences?

You should see some similarities in deliverables, though, because all ecommerce sites demand some of the same features, like mobile-friendliness and website security. First and foremost, before deciding on an ecommerce web design agency, you should always speak to them – whether it be in person or on the phone. This allows you to get to know the company on a deeper level before signing any contracts.


Navigation is an umbrella term for all the UI elements users can use to reach specific information on your website. These include header navigation menu, product category pages, filters, on-site search and footers. Suppose an ecommerce platform constrains your ability to create custom navigation paths. In that case, you’ll end up with a pretty but dysfunctional website few customers will want to use, and your conversion rate will suffer for it. We help our clients implement custom direct-to-customers and ecommerce solutions by ideating and implementing advanced digital frameworks and service features into their legacy solutions.

These can help prevent legal issues that may arise and communicate clearly to your customers that a site’s adherence. The fines for infractions are steep — it is better for organizations to stay ahead of them. Fujitsu’s on-site search engine is thorough and streamlined, with suggested auto-completes and filters for narrowing down search results. Avoid sales pitches and CTAs, but use good team and product visuals to back up your story.

ecommerce web design solutions

We have strong industry experience and can design sophisticated websites for B2B business. Our team of designers will craft an effective storefront for the B2B clients that can take their business to new heights. Being a reputed eCommerce web design company, we have a track record of creating a bespoke web design that is created to meet distinct business needs.

I only have a few products. Can I benefit from an e-commerce website?

We’ll also help your business reach local customers through local SEO. Whether you’re updating listings, or building mobile-friendly sites, our team will take care of your off-page needs. Seamlessly integrating all your systems involves having the right logistical power to avoid roadblocks and other unforeseen challenges.

  • You can count on us for consistent support and updates during your project to deliver optimum results.
  • By designing rich E-commerce experiences, you can boost conversions, engage customers, and build brand equity.
  • NIX has provided advanced eCommerce development solutions since 2005, covering custom web and mobile store development and building of B2B and B2C platforms.
  • The front-end deals with app development, while the back-end works with the digital frameworks of the organization and its management.
  • Mobile responsiveness is critical to the success of an ecommerce website.

Our eCommerce web development services approach is the polar opposite of one size-fits-all. To make your eCommerce website successful, you want complete control over your online purchasing experience. By creating a compelling shopping experience, observing your users’ behaviors, and adjusting your presentation web design solutions and flow, you can tailor your purchasing experience in response to your actual users. Many e-commerce website builders lack flexibility, leaving business owners trapped without room to grow their websites. Every business has different needs, some of which won’t fit neatly into a stock all-in-one solution.

Online Store Development

As of September 2013, Magento is being run on 11% of the top 10,000 websites. Provide your website and mobile apps with proper technical infrastructure using full-cover eCommerce management services. Integration of automated profiling and system stats monitoring and our 24х7 infrastructural support ensure robust functioning and constant access for your customers. We implement strong cybersecurity measures to prevent all types of potential threats. Run your website with cloud eCommerce hosting services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

How much does hiring an ecommerce website design company cost?

Simply put, customers want to know who you are and what you have to offer. They want a friendly and engaging experience that allows them to discover and purchase your products and services without any fuss. They want their transactions to be secure, and their personal information protected. Almost any type of business can benefit from eCommerce web design services because the possibilities for conducting business online are virtually limitless.

Making the customer journey as simple and streamlined as possible is the priority for any business. An on-site search engine expedites the customer’s journey, allowing them to find their results quickly and without hassle. Have no fear, BigCommerce is here to help withindustry-leading, live support whenever you need it. Paired with invaluable ecommerce advice on our community forums, we’re committed to standing by our merchants as they build out their platforms and businesses. Nothing is more essential to the success of an online platform than the construction and performance of its website.

Digital commerce development

Hiring a full-time team of eCommerce service developers is more expensive than third-party developers. We are proud that independent experts highly value the quality of our services. Our development process begins with market research, finding business objectives, required data collection, finding the business objective, and identifying the feasibility of the project.

Through Facebook and Google Advertising, the team was able to ramp up the brand’s lead acquisition and regional penetration. The collaboration has led to meaningful bottom-line results since the engagement kicked off in July 2019. Generally, a well-performing eCommerce website can be made in 6 to 10 weeks by an efficient team. At Brainvire, you can be sure about getting an eCommerce website within 6 to 10 weeks.

As with most things centered online, the dominant ecommerce website design trends follow those of the technological sphere. It is no longer the overly technical, strenuous process that prevented many large and small companies from participating in the online marketplace. A well-executed ecommerce email marketing campaign can drive repeat traffic to your website and maximize conversions. Category pages help organize all your products and facilitate discovery. Digitally distracted customers want instant information, especially on mobile devices.


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