How to Write a Cover Letter for a Remote Job

  18. September 2020, von Sebastian

When you work remotely, your employer can’t monitor your productivity the way they would ‘in the office’. Instead, they must take a results-oriented approach to measure your performance. For you, this means that you must use your cover letter to convince them that you can get the job done and that you will add value to the team if you’re hired. Reminder, use specific keywords or language that is similar to the remote job listing. This shows you read it in detail and align with the requirements of the job. There’s no one way to write a cover letter for a remote job, but starting with a template can be a helpful springboard.

cover letter for remote position example

But how can you make it stand out from the hundreds of other applications? Here are some tips to help you craft a cover letter that is engaging, relevant, and tailored for remote work. This section of your remote cover letter should be infused with enthusiasm and personality. The remote cover letter is the only way you can show these things to a potential employer before an interview. If you’d like, introduce yourself with a short story, a joke, or a random fact about the role to set the tone of your cover letter.

What are the best practices for writing a cover letter for a remote position?

A remote cover letter is an extension of your resume, it is not a resume 2.0. This means when writing your cover letter, you should refrain from copying what’s written on your resume. Explain your resume with other words, do not simply copy and paste.

  • But, this becomes even more important if you need to show that you’re a no-brainer fit—even when your past roles aren’t quite as traditional.
  • Even if you don’t know who the person reading your cover letter might be, try to find out.
  • But most importantly – it’s the first place to show your motivation.
  • Such information does not demonstrate your value as a specialist, much less encourage a recruiter to move ahead to examine your resume.

Note any communication technology that you’re proficient in, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Give the hiring manager peace of mind that you can resolve any technical issues that may arise. Additionally, highlight the skills you have to get the job done well remotely. If you haven’t worked remotely before, you’ll want to highlight your skills. Despite what you may think of cover letters, they still matter in 2021!

Do your research before writing.

This means that even within this highly distributed workforce where applicants can be located anywhere in the world, remote cover letters are still an integral part of your application. Don’t be afraid to use a friendly and conversational tone, and to inject some humor or enthusiasm where appropriate. cover letter for remote position Avoid using clichés, jargon, or generic phrases that sound robotic or boring. Instead, use your own voice and style, and express your passion and interest for the role and the company. Be honest and sincere, and avoid exaggerating or lying about your qualifications or experience.


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