Iceland Wedding Traditions

  10. Oktober 2022, von Sebastian

Iceland contains a lot of marriage ceremony traditions to provide!

Some of these are traditional to Iceland whilst others are a current twist. Yet one thing is ideal for sure, the traditions are incredibly unique and special to this Nordic country!

Icelandic Practices for a Traditional Wedding

A regular wedding ceremony in Iceland is a very long affair. The groom moves his bride down the avenue, a pagan priest blesses the couple and they say their very own vows to each other. Once the star of the wedding finishes her ceremony, your woman then from the with her spouse to their reception where a feast is served for all to enjoy!

Another traditional element is a throwing of rice in the end of the wedding. This is a symbolic touch that signifies the mixing of two different civilizations.

Thor, the God of Thunder and Son of Odin is usually a visible figure in Norse mythology and his hammer Mjolnir is often put in the bride’s lap for the reason that she asks for his blessings on their kids!

The wedding reception is a huge celebration with music, toasts and dancing. A traditional feast is likewise served with food and alcoholic drinks in abundance.

Icelandic wedding cakes are state-of-the art work and usually made from a conventional food handling business. A ring cake is a popular choice for Icelandic couples as well!

Another important Viking tradition may be the exchanging of swords. icelandic women A soon-to-be husband would enter an ancestor’s tomb and obtain a sword that is afterward given to the bride. These swords most appropriate heirloom part to pass on from era to era and is a very significant part of the marriage ceremony rituals.


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