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BitMart to compensate victims of $196 million hack, restore trading

Montag, 30. November 2020

Using any cryptocurrency exchange carries a degree of risk, and BitMart experienced a large-scale security breach when $196 million in cryptocurrency was stolen in December 2021. However, the company took measures to strengthen its security and has pledged to compensate its clients. In 2018, BitMart launched the BitMart Token (BMX), which provides token holders with trading discounts and other benefits on the exchange. BitMart is a global crypto exchange that both beginners and experienced traders can use to buy and sell an exceptionally long list of digital assets. The exchange also offers a range of yield-generation opportunities for crypto holders and gives users early access to tokens issued via its in-house token launchpad.

However, the large-scale hack that the exchange suffered in December 2021 is concerning. Customer wallets were affected, and almost $200 million in funds were stolen by hackers. There have also been numerous reports about issues withdrawing assets, which may deter new users from signing up. Bitmart wrote in an official statement Monday morning that it had completed initial security checks and identified the affected assets. The exchange said the security breach was mainly caused by a stolen private key, which affected two of its hot wallets, but other assets were „safe and unharmed.“

  1. Because there may be time differences in information updates, accurate information about each ICO project should be verified through its official website or other communication channels.
  2. GOPX “Game On Players” Token is the only digital currency that buys and sells itself through its own financial ecosystem.
  3. When it comes to depositing options, BitMart offers users a variety of ways to fund their accounts.
  4. Peckshield estimated that Bitmart lost around $100 million in various cryptocurrencies on the ethereum blockchain and another $96 million from coins on the binance smart chain.
  5. Compared to its initial token sale price, GOPX is currently showing an ROI of 0.00x against the US dollar, 0.00x against Bitcoin, and 0.00x gopx bitmart against Ethereum.

The GOPX Token can be used to pay direct royalty funds to artists and the music industry (NFT) allowing millions of individuals to easily take part in this burgeoning tokenized economy. Bitmart offers a mix of spot transactions, leveraged futures trading, as well as lending and staking services. Its trading volume, however, has gone down by „a lot“ since the hack, according to CoinGecko co-founder and chief operating officer Bobby Ong.

Therefore, unless user terms specify otherwise, investors with cryptocurrency assets commingled on a custodial cryptocurrency exchange could potentially lose their funds as unsecured creditors. BitMart’s website notes an „advanced risk control system,“ operating a hybrid hot and cold wallet system and deploying multi-signature technologies. However, the $196 million hack the exchange experienced in December 2021 suggests that BitMart’s security could use some work. Peckshield estimated that Bitmart lost around $100 million in various cryptocurrencies on the ethereum blockchain and another $96 million from coins on the binance smart chain.

BitMart has a tiered fee structure, where users with higher trading volumes (based on trading volume over a 30-day period in BTC) pay lower fees. Fee deductions apply to BMX token holders who use the token to cover trading fees. BitMart beginners can take advantage of the site’s online handbook, which offers a step-by-step process for using the site to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. In addition, beginners can also use the platform’s Buy & Sell feature that allows users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies using Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and PayPal.


Ong says that while some exchanges purchase insurance coverage for their crypto holdings, this is not a uniform practice across the industry. BitMart provides you with the most convenient, fast and professional crypto spot & margin trading services. BitMart provides you with the most convenient, fast and professional crypto trading services. What happened following the breach was pretty straightforward, according to Peckshield. It was a classic case of „transfer-out, swap, and wash,“ according to the security firm. Professional services including Sub-Account, Credit Line, Competitive Fees & Rebate.


With a bear market in full swing and inflation at record highs, I would like to discuss our plans going forward. We have a very exciting future ahead of us and some changes coming in the next few months. Compared to its initial token sale price, GOPX is currently showing an ROI of 0.00x against the US dollar, 0.00x against Bitcoin, and 0.00x gopx bitmart against Ethereum. BitMart is allowed in the United States, but its Earn and Lending products are not available to U.S.-based users. Companies looking to open an institutional trading account must complete a more detailed onboarding process.

Like many other cryptocurrency exchanges, it doesn’t offer phone support to its customers, so you will have to rely on its chat feature to get answers in real-time. While BitMart has announced that it will reimburse all affected customers, a breach of this size suggests the exchange’s security measures could be improved. We also considered if the exchange is regulated by an appropriate agency or entirely decentralized.

What makes BitMart stand out among its peers is the large number of digital currencies and tokens offered on the platform. With over 1,000 tradable digital assets, traders who prefer to speculate on smaller altcoins and newly-issued tokens will appreciate what BitMart offers its customers. While BitMart has announced that it will reimburse all affected customers, a breach of this size suggests the exchange’s security measures could be improved.

Opening a BitMart Account

If you would like to know where to buy BitMart Token at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in BitMart Token stock are currently BitMart, and GroveX. After transferring the funds out of Bitmart, hackers apparently used the decentralized exchange aggregator known as „1inch“ to exchange the stolen gopx bitmart tokens for ether. From there, the ether coins were deposited into a privacy mixer known as Tornado Cash, which makes the money harder to trace. CNBC also asked if the exchange was running an internal audit to gauge whether anything ran afoul within its own ranks, and again, BitMart opted not to respond to that question.

BitMart offers many of the same products and services as leading global exchanges, such as Binance, CEX.IO, Poloniex, and Huobi Global. U.S. customers can trade on BitMart, but the exchange’s Earn and Lending products are unavailable to users in the United States. BitMart provides a web-based digital asset trading and investing platform and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The affected ethereum and binance smart chain „hot wallets“ carried only a „small percentage“ of the exchange’s assets, according to the company. A hot wallet is connected to the internet and allows owners relatively easy access to their coins so that they can access and spend their crypto. Investopedia is dedicated to helping those interested in cryptocurrency investing make informed and safe decisions by sharing our methodology for rating cryptocurrency exchanges.

In early December, BitMart wrotein an official statementthat it would use its own money to reimburse victims of the large-scale security breach, which the exchange blamed on a stolen private key. Because there may be time differences in information updates, accurate information about each ICO project should be verified through its official website or other communication channels. While BitMart offers all the features you’d expect from a global crypto exchange, it was hacked in December 2021, which resulted in an estimated $196 million cryptocurrency theft. BitMart is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange with over nine million users in over 180 countries, according to its website. The exchange has over 1,000 cryptocurrencies listed, and it is set up for beginners and experienced traders to buy and sell from its website.

Others have asked why BitMart isn’t going through insurance to reimburse stolen funds. The Game On Players token sale started on Jun 21, 2021, and lasted until Jun 1, 2023. And in August, a hacker stole more than $600 million worth of tokens from the cryptocurrency platform Poly Network. In a strange twist, the attacker subsequently returned nearly all of the money. However, blockchain security and data analytics firm Peckshield, which first publicized the hack, estimates that the loss is closer to $200 million. CNBC reached out to Bitmart to ask about the multimillion dollar discrepancy, but the exchange declined to comment on this point.

22 июля 2019 Admiral Markets предлагает торговлю фьючерсами через CFD Новости брокеров

Freitag, 20. November 2020

торговая платформа

Как мы упоминали ранее, CFD означает «контракт на разницу цен». Надежность брокера зависит от целого ряда факторов, и FBS демонстрирует отличные показатели по всем из них. В ЕС и Великобритании брокер уполномочен и регулируется CySEC, в Австралии ― ASIC и в остальных регионах ― IFSC и FSCA. С мая 2021 года FBS является главным официальным партнером футбольного клуба «Лестер Сити».

Все права на интеллектуальную собственность сохраняются за поставщиками и (или) биржей, которые предоставили указанные В соответствии с правилами ЕС, пользователям из стран ЕС доступны только счета Cent, Standard, Cent Pro и Standard Pro. Брокер способен удовлетворить потребности опытных трейдеров с высокой толерантностью к риску, хотя ориентирован прежде всего на новичков. В надежной и продуманной трейдинговой среде очень комфортно работать, а обширная библиотека видео, вебинаров и статей помогает познакомиться с экосистемой FBS и инвестированием в целом.

Этот праздник аттракционов проходит в Гамбурге несколько раз в году. Много самых разных аттракционов и масса киосков с едой. Мы прокатились на водных горках (будьте готовы, что полностью будете мокрыми), но так как стояла ужасная жара, именно туда стояла очередь.

минимальный депозит

Английская версия данного соглашения является основной версией в случае, если информация на русском и английском языке не совпадают. Одно лицо может одновременно открыть до десяти счетов при условии, что на каждом счете находится не менее $100. Средства трейдеров хранятся на сегрегированных счетах в банках первого уровня, а сайт и платформа FBS защищены шифрованием Secure-Socket-Layer. Кроме того, FBS проводит регулярные проверки кибербезопасности и внедряет новейшие меры защиты информационных систем. Поддержка клиентов доступна круглосуточно на английском и 20 других языках посредством электронной почты, телефона, обратного звонка, онлайн-чата и социальных сетей.

Вознаграждения и комиссии

Этот отзыв отражает субъективное мнение члена сообщества Tripadvisor, а не официальную позицию компании Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor проверяет отзывы. Напомним, технология Deep Fusion делает восемь кадров, включая четыре еще до спуска затвора, после чего берет самые лучшие части со всех снимков для получения фотографии наилучшего качества. Они представляют собой инвестиции в компании и их продукты. Покупка акций дает статус акционера, то есть лица, владеющего долей в конкретной компании. Их также называют долей в акционерном капитале. Прежде чем разобраться с тем, что из себя представляют брокерские фирмы CFD, и чем они могут быть полезны, важно дать определение CFD.

торговли cfd

На верхней панели расположены различные индикаторы и настраиваемые параметры, в главном окне отображается график выбранного инструмента, на левой панели собраны все доступные инструменты. Есть также информация о текущих и прошлых сделках. Чтобы исполнить сделку, в небольшом модуле торговли достаточно нажать нужный инструмент, а затем кнопку «Купить» или «Продать».

FBS предлагает широкий выбор типов счетов и дополнительных услуг, привлекает трейдеров с разнообразными интересами и помогает им развиваться. Fusion Media напоминает, что информация, представленная на этом веб-сайте, не всегда актуальна или точна. Данные и цены на веб-сайте могут быть указаны не официальными представителями рынка или биржи, а рядовыми участниками. Это означает, что цены бывают неточны и могут отличаться от фактических цен на соответствующем рынке, а следовательно, носят ориентировочный характер и не подходят для использования в целях торговли. Классическая торговля фьючерсами, например, на Eurex, всегда связана с комиссией за заказ.

Инвесторы платят им комиссию и получают взамен услугу плохого качества. Для всех типов счетов исполнение ордеров происходит без участия дилингового отдела посредством сквозной обработки и прямого контакта с поставщиками ликвидности FBS. Пользователям доступны рыночные ордеры, лимитные ордеры и стоп-ордеры.

Hamburger Dom

Разнообразие типов счетов позволяет адаптировать услуги FBS под потребности практически любого трейдера, как начинающего, так и профессионала. Но хочу предупредить – обязательно берите с собой наличные деньги, банковскую карту можете оставить дома! По-моему, это ну очень странно для крупного парка развлечений, но на территории Дома нигде не принимают безналичную оплату, прям совсем нигде. Аттракционы стандартно стоят от 4 до 7 евро на взрослого человека, плюс расходы на еду-питьё, поэтому запаситесь наличкой заранее, иначе даже воды купить не сможете. Вы наверняка знакомы с торговлей акциями, однако существуют и другие торговые инструменты, например контракты на разницу цен . Торговля контрактами CFD подразумевает покупку и продажу таких контрактов.


Брокеры DMA взимают комиссию за посредничество, однако трейдер предоставлен сам себе. Hamburger Dom – обычный городской парк развлечений. Пришли сюда ради колеса обозрения, но оно открывается в определденое время (после 15 часов).

Какими активами можно торговать через брокеров CFD?

Менее популярен индекс Wilshire 5000, включающий все акции американского рынка. Открытие короткой limefx вывод средств по CFD, или «игра на понижение», позволит вам получить прибыль, если рыночная цена базового актива упадет. В этом случае вы спекулируете на снижении прибыльности актива. Сотрудничая с данным поставщиком услуг по торговле CFD, 84% розничных инвесторов несут финансовые потери.


Но сами аттракционы достаточно интересные и захватывающие дух даже у взрослых. Рекомендую включить в список мест, в которых нужно побывать в Гамбурге. Торговля на рынке Форекс и других финансовых рынках сопряжена с риском потери Вашего начального депозита и не может подходить каждому инвестору.

Из шести типов счетов FBS (в регионах, регулируемых IFCA и FSCA) комиссиями облагаются только три. Владельцы счетов ECN и Zero-Spread платят $20 и $6 за лот соответственно, а спреды для этих счетов самые низкие. Счет Zero-Spread получил свое название благодаря фиксированному нулевому спреду, тогда как счет ECN предлагает плавающий спред от 1 пункта. Для владельцев счета Crypto комиссия составляет 0,05% за открытие и 0,05% за закрытие позиций при плавающем спреде от 1 пункта. Трейдеры FBS получают доступ к различным финансовым рынкам, а также могут повышать свой уровень, используя учебные материалы, видео, вебинары и статьи на сайте FBS, в приложениях и социальных сетях.

Типичная ставка составляет от 1,50 евро до 4 евро за контракт, взимается как при открытии, так и при закрытии контракта (итого от 3 до 8 евро). При торговле фьючерсными контрактами на разницу цен на Admiral Markets трейдеры не платят комиссий, что снижает торговые издержки и оставляет больше возможностей для получения прибыли. Они предоставляют прямой доступ к бирже , позволяя трейдеру торговать на рынке CFD, но сами не участвуют в заключении сделок. Трейдер самостоятельно открывает позиции на рынке, и покупатель или продавец должен связаться с ним напрямую для совершения сделки.

Показывают состояние группы акций на фондовой бирже. Торгуя индексами, можно делать ставку сразу на всю экономику страны. А можно ограничиться торговлей индексами по отдельным экономическим секторам. Так, в тройку самых популярных индексов Америки входят NASDAQ, Dow Jones и S&P 500.

Accountant vs Bookkeeper: Whats the Difference?

Donnerstag, 19. November 2020

bookkeeping for accountants

Most companies use computer software to keep track of their accounting journal with their bookkeeping entries. Larger businesses adopt more sophisticated software to keep track of their accounting journals. If your company is larger and more complex, you need to set up a double-entry bookkeeping system.

As your business grows and you begin making higher profits, hiring staff and handling more transactions, however, it may make sense to outsource the details of bookkeeping to someone else. Katherine Haan, MBA is a former financial advisor-turned-writer and business coach. For over a decade, she’s helped small business owners make money online. When she’s not trying out the latest tech or travel blogging with her family, you can find her curling up with a good novel. If you want your business to save time and money then, yes, you should consider hiring a bookkeeping service. A bookkeeping service can help you stay organized and on top of your finances.

What is free accounting software and how does it work?

It is not an unusual career move for a bookkeeper to gain experience at a job, study, get certified, and work as an accountant. How much you make as a first-year accountant depends mainly on the specific career path you pursue. While accounting can be a lucrative long-term career, most accountants, unlike corporate attorneys or investment bankers, do not command huge salaries during the first few years.

Remote work has expanded across nearly every field, including bookkeeping. If you find someone who is a good fit for your business needs, it doesn’t matter if they are in California while you work from New York. You’ll want to create a contract that outlines details, such as deadlines, rates and expectations so that everyone is on the same page. Even if you aren’t planning on growing any time soon, you need to have a sense of how much money is coming in vs. what is going out.

Best Online Bookkeeping Services (

By staying up to date with your bookkeeping throughout the year, you can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with filing your taxes. Here’s a crash course on small-business bookkeeping and how to get started. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

  • There’s good news for business owners who want to simplify doing their books.
  • During our research, we found Sage’s active developer and user forum to be incredibly helpful for making the most of Sage’s capabilities.
  • This service is ideal for business owners who want to get their bookkeeping in order but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.
  • Free accounting software should also integrate with popular CRMs, offer support for multiple currencies, have receipt scanning functionality and have bill pay functionality.
  • Bookkeeping in a business firm is an important, but preliminary, function to the actual accounting function.
  • As you dive deeper into the bookkeeping process, it may be tempting to blur the lines between your personal and business finances, but it’s not the best idea.

Accounting software also helps e-commerce sellers comply with tax regulations, which are often complicated when many online businesses sell to customers all around the country and the world. Small businesses also manage their own accounts receivable to make sure they get paid on time for goods and services that have already been bought or rendered. The process involves sending estimates and invoices and keeping track of due dates. Some accounting software comes with invoicing features, like automated payment reminders, or you may opt for separate invoicing software.

Experience With R&D Tax Credits

From there, the total pay is determined with the applicable taxes and withholdings. In the accounting software, the primary journal entry for total payroll is a debit to the compensation account and credits cash. Bookkeeping is the process of tracking income bookkeeping firms and expenses in your business. It lets you know how you’re doing with cash flow and how your business is doing overall. Staying on top of your bookkeeping is important so that you don’t have unexpected realizations about account balances and expenses.

bookkeeping for accountants

Customization tools can be used to build professional-looking invoices that match your e-commerce business’s brand, which is important for appearing legitimate in the eyes of online consumers. Bank reconciliation is the process of comparing your business’s books against your bank records. When you work with Ignite Spot Accounting, you’ll get bookkeepers certified in a variety of popular programs, such as QuickBooks and TSheets.

Creating a Candlestick Stock chart Microsoft Excel 365

Dienstag, 17. November 2020

candlestick chart excel

Then this should be followed by a Open, High, Low, and Close column. This is the exact order that needs to be followed in order to create the Candlestick Chart. The default candlestick chart excel candles are white (bullish) and black (bearish). In this short and simple tutorial you will learn how to build a Japanese candle chart using Microsoft Excel.

candlestick chart excel

If you’d like to learn more about reading a candlestick chart, check out our in-depth interview with Andrew Lokenauth. The line is pretty short because this is a 30-period moving average, and as you can see, it’s not very useful because it only appears on a tiny portion of the chart. This step provides you with a five-period moving average. The candlestick also represents two more data points about each day/period. After implementing the data labels for all the four series, the chart should look like below. There are four series of values plotted on the chart.

K-Medoids in R: Step-by-Step Example

Using Google products, like Google Docs, at work or school? Learn to work on Office files without installing Office, create dynamic project plans and team calendars, auto-organize your inbox, and more. Take O’Reilly with you and learn anywhere, anytime on your phone and tablet.

candlestick chart excel

They represent the Open, High, Low and Close values of the stock for the day or the period. Double-clicking on any item in the chart area pops up the side panel where you can find options for the selected element. Please keep in mind that you don’t need to double click another element to edit it once the side panel is open, the side menu will switch to the element.

How to Find the P-Value from the Chi-Square Distribution Table

Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for running all sorts of financial analyses. One of the great features of Excel is its charting tool, and, of course, that tool includes candlestick charts as one of its choices. This problem is solved by the Japanese candlestick chart, where for each trading session it is possible to identify the entire price behavior throughout the trading session. In particular, the low price, high price, closing price and opening price are shown.

  • By default, Excel assumes that vertical labels of your data are the categories, and the horizontal ones are the data series.
  • The candlestick also represents two more data points about each day/period.
  • Double-clicking on any item in the chart area pops up the side panel where you can find options for the selected element.
  • Preset layouts are always a good place to start for detailing your chart.
  • With shortcuts, you can also see the effects of options on the fly before applying them.

Usually charts are displayed  as a line that combines the closing prices of the various trading sessions. With your candlestick chart sheet open in Excel (see preceding section), select Chart on the menu bar, and a drop-down menu box opens. A Candlestick chart is a built-in chart type in Excel normally used to show stock price activity.

Binomial Distribution Table

The following step-by-step example shows how to create a candlestick chart in Excel. A Japanese candlestick chart is a type of visual price display of a financial instrument. This chart type automatically plots the full range of values as a single line, with indicates high and low in a given time interval. On top of the line is a bar which indicates open and close values.

To display the side panel choose the options which starts with Format string. For example; Format Chart Area… in the following image. Once you have a lot of historical stock data it’s hard to visualize the trend using technical analysis. Also feel free to click on the individual candlesticks and change their fill colors.

Creating a Candlestick Stock chart

Let’s wrap the things with some things to be remembered. We are yet to add the axis labels under it and format the same. Now, we will see how to create a conventional Open-High-Low-Close stock chart, a.k.a. Candlestick chart. Hi – I’m Dave Bruns, and I run Exceljet with my wife, Lisa. We create short videos, and clear examples of formulas, functions, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and charts.

  • You can see how the Candlestick graph can easily convey a lot of information.
  • You’ll learn by doing through completing tasks in a split-screen environment directly in your browser.
  • One of the great features of Excel is its charting tool, and, of course, that tool includes candlestick charts as one of its choices.
  • In this short and simple tutorial you will learn how to build a Japanese candle chart using Microsoft Excel.

You can compare the High, Low, Open, and Close prices at a glance, allowing you to identify the daily volatility. If the asset price closes higher than it opens (referred to as “Bullish”), the wax part of the candlestick will not be filled in. Alternatively, if the asset price closes at a lower price than it opens (Bearish), the wax will be a solid color.

PTO Payout Laws by State 2023

Donnerstag, 12. November 2020

accrue vacation pay

If your company has locations in multiple states, it’s important to review all statutes regarding separation pay. This handy table will provide the basic information you need to know but be sure to check each state’s departments of labor for specific guidelines. We’ll keep this chart updated with the latest state regulations on PTO payout in 2023 and beyond.

accrue vacation pay

Choosing to pay during each pay period, as opposed to leave time through accrual pay, also reduces liability on balance sheets, something that is advantageous for a company’s payroll and accounting department. Accrued vacation pay isn’t paid the same way for every employer, and this provides an advantage for employers. Allowing your company to pay vacation or leave time in different ways is useful for payroll purposes.

© 2023 Intuit Inc. All rights

New employees may be subject to a waiting period before they start earning vacation time. In some states, companies can legally cap the accrual of vacation time and often do so to encourage employees to take the time they earn. Certain states have laws that specify the cap, such as California’s cap of 1.5 times the yearly accrual rate. Businesses can establish their own policies about vacation pay provided they accord with applicable state and federal laws.

  • Using a spreadsheet to track vacation pay may seem simple and affordable, but you risk human error and high administrative costs.
  • Yes, an employer can force you to use a vacation day when your workplace is closed due to weather.
  • This includes 80 percent of office and sales workers, as well as those in transportation and production; 79 percent of construction and resources jobs; and 76 percent of professional and management jobs.
  • These days are considered to be accrued by the employee and payable when the employee leaves the job.

Some companies pay out vacation upfront at the beginning of each year, while others set PTO on an “accrual” basis, where employees earn vacation time as they work. Others don’t provide paid vacation benefits until workers continue to stay with the business anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. In this article, “How To Calculate Vacation Pay For Hourly Employees,” you’ll discover the steps needed to accurately determine your employees’ paid time off (PTO). In many other countries, employers are required to give employees up to six weeks of paid vacation. In the U.S., however, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not mandate paid leave.

Use a spreadsheet to manually track vacation pay for hourly employees

Federal and state laws require employers to provide paid time off for employees serving on a jury. If this time is not provided, the employer can be found in contempt of court and/or charged with a misdemeanor. In some cases, it’s illegal for employers to require employees to use vacation time for these absences. Paid time off for the employee to vote is mandated in 32 states, with penalties including fines and jail time.

Next, decide how many hours you would want your employees to get each year if they will be working a regular full-time schedule. Then, we’ll have to figure out how many hours your employees would work in a year if they’ll be working full time. For example, some companies allow a week of PTO/vacation time to roll over. Some companies set a cap so employees can roll over Role of Financial Management in Law Firm Success all unused time but when they hit a certain number, they stop accruing additional time until they use some. Offering employee paid time off (PTO) like vacation time isn’t mandatory at a federal level, but it contributes toward a happier and more productive workforce. Without receiving paid vacation time, some workers may not take time off, thus risking burnout.

accrued vacation definition

To calculate vacation hours into days of vacation, you can take the number of accrued vacation hours and divide it by the hours you work in a day. For example, if you have 40 hours of PTO banked, you can divide 40 by 8 hours per day. The US is one of only a few countries that doesn’t require companies to offer paid time off, but the average amount of vacation offered per year is 11 days. First, determine whether your company will offer general PTO that includes vacation time or if you’ll offer vacation time as just one type of PTO. Most companies offer general PTO that workers can use for any kind of leave, including vacations.

accrue vacation pay

To keep our math simple, we’ll use an example of two weeks (10 days of PTO per year). If you work from home that day or you were not going to be at work that day anyway, it is up to your employer whether or not you will be forced to use a vacation day. If you are still unable to schedule vacation time, and this is very important to you, it may be a sign that you need to look for a job where time away from the office is not only permitted, but encouraged.

Important Types of Compensated Vacations

That can happen, for example, if you offer two weeks of PTO a year and an employee wants to use it all in February. You’d need to track the PTO used before it’s been earned, resulting in a negative PTO balance for that worker. In the examples above, we used a weekly pay cycle and a standard five-day, 40-hour workweek. That accrual rate would be 1.54 hours of PTO earned (accrued) for each week worked. Other businesses grant employees a fixed amount of paid time off that starts on their hire date, or it may not start until they’ve been with the company for a specified amount of time, such as 30 or 90 days.

accrue vacation pay

Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems: 2014 Edition Chapter 4: Governmental Accounting Fund Structure

Donnerstag, 12. November 2020

Both criteria must be met in the same element (assets, liabilities, etc.) for a fund to be defined as major. However, GASB Statement 34 permits a government to designate a particular fund that is of interest to users as a major fund and to individually present its information in the basic financial statements, even if it does not meet the criteria. However, a government does not have the option to not report a fund as major if it meets the criteria above. The government should also recognize transactions in which cash may have been exchanged by third parties on behalf of the government (e.g., bond issuances and bond retirement transactions, loan advances deposited and held by a trustee). The transaction should be recorded as if the cash was received and expended in order to reflect the legal transaction. For example, debt proceeds wired directly to an escrow account, payments by the State Treasurer’s Office to vendors for items purchased with LOCAL resources, etc.

  1. Governments use fund accounting to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to their resource providers.
  2. They should be expected to continue to comprise a substantial portion of the inflows reported in the fund.
  3. As can be observed above, the various fund types not only differ in their practical use but also in terms of the basis of accounting applied to recognize revenue and expenditures.

At each layer, the definition and display provisions should be applied before the layer is included in the financial statements of the next level of the reporting government. A fund is a standalone accounting entity with a set of self-balancing accounts for tracking cash and other financial resources earmarked for the purpose of carrying out specific functions or activities. Governments use fund accounting to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to their resource providers. The reporting entity is the primary government (including its blended component units) and all discretely presented component units. Governments should discontinue reporting a special revenue fund, and instead report the fund’s remaining resources in the general fund, if the government no longer expects that a substantial portion of the inflows will derive from restricted or committed revenue sources. In fund financial statements, governments should report governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary funds to the extent that they have activities that meet the criteria for using these funds.

Special revenue funds should not be used to account for resources held in trust for individuals, private organizations, or other governments. Special revenue funds include funds collected from specific sources. Governments use special revenue funds to finance specific projects. Separate funds are not required for bond redemption, construction, reserves, or deposits, for any utility. Separate funds are not required even though bond covenants may stipulate a bond reserve fund, bond construction fund, etc.

It differs profoundly from the accounting system used by for-profit commercial organizations. The objective of for-profit organizations is to maximize revenue and profit whereas nonprofit and government organizations have the goal of providing specified services with a fixed amount of revenues allocated. Local governments should periodically undertake a comprehensive evaluation of their fund structure to ensure that individual funds that became superfluous are eliminated from accounting and reporting.

Internal service funds should be used only if the reporting government is the predominant participant in the activity. Cash basis special purpose districts (such as a fire or water district) should not use the internal service fund category. Local governments may separate operating, capital projects and debt functions of enterprise funds. However, when reporting such proprietary activities, all those functions should be contained in one fund.

In most cases, discussions of fund balance will properly focus on a government’s general fund. Nonetheless, financial resources available in other funds should also be considered in assessing the adequacy of unrestricted fund balance in the general fund. The key measurement focus in a government fund’s financial statements is on expenditures, which are decreases in the net financial resources of a fund.

This means that these items are not only available to finance the expenditures of the period, but are also measurable. The “available” concept means that the revenue and other fund resources are collectible within the current period or sufficiently soon thereafter to be available to pay for the current period’s liabilities. The “measurable” concept allows a government to not know the exact amount of revenue in order to accrue it. The focus of governmental funds is on current financial resources, which means assets that can be converted into cash and liabilities that will be paid for with that cash.

Special Revenue Funds

Government funds include funds collected from the public held by a government entity. The Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Position shows all additions and deductions (different terminology than revenues and expenditures in governmental funds) to or from net position of the funds. In the past, Agency funds were not included in the Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Position, but this will now be required for the new Custodial funds.


Amounts over the formal policy may reflect a structural trend, in which case governments should consider a policy as to how this would be addressed. Additionally, an education or communication strategy, or at a minimum, explanation of large changes in fund balance is encouraged. In all cases, use of those funds should be prohibited as a funding source for ongoing recurring expenditures. Some types of funds use a different basis of accounting and measurement focus.

Special revenue funds

Fund accounting is the mechanism by which governments and nonprofits demonstrate their responsible use of the cash and other financial resources they receive. The nucleus of a financial reporting entity usually is a primary government. However, a governmental organization other than a primary government (such as a component unit, joint venture, jointly governed organization, or other stand-alone government) serves as the nucleus for its own reporting entity when it issues separate financial statements. For all of these entities, the provisions the GASB Statement 14 should be applied in layers from the bottom up.

They should be expected to continue to comprise a substantial portion of the inflows reported in the fund. While GASB Statement 54 has not provided a numeric range for substantial portion of inflows, it was recommended that at least 20 percent is a reasonable limit for reporting a special revenue fund. Local governments need to consider factors such as past resource history, future resource expectations and unusual current year inflows such as debt proceeds in their analysis. Code Fiduciary Funds – should be used to account for assets held by a government in a trustee capacity or as a custodian for individuals, private organizations, other governmental units, and/or other funds. It is recommended that at least 20 percent is a reasonable limit for restricted and committed revenues to create a foundation for a special revenue fund. The government-wide statement of net position and statement of activities should be prepared using the economic resources measurement focus and the accrual basis of accounting.

What is the accounting for Government Funds?

Capital outlays financed from general obligation bond proceeds should be accounted for through a capital projects fund. Capital project funds exclude those types of capital-related outflows financed by proprietary funds or for assets that will be held in trust for individuals, private organizations, or other governments (private-purpose trust funds). Code Capital Projects Funds – should be used to account for and report financial resources that are restricted, committed, or assigned to expenditure for capital outlays including the acquisition or construction of capital facilities or other capital assets. A governmental accounting system should be organized and operated on a fund basis. Fund financial statements should be used to report detailed information about primary government, including its blended component units.

As far as these types of funds are concerned, it can be seen that the return that is generated from these particular funds is supposed to be kept intact in terms of the principal amount. Only the interest that is generated from the principal amount can be disbursed as returns for the cause. With the use of funds, a governing body is able to establish and monitor how resources are allocated and spent, set and manage spending limits and achieve other fiscal accountability objectives. A common terminology and classification should be used consistently throughout the budget, the accounts, and the financial reports of each fund. (2) Activities accounted for in enterprise funds by different identifiable activities. These criteria should be applied in the context of the activity’s principal revenue source.


For example, purchases of capital assets are expensed during the year of acquisition without any capitalization of capital assets or allocation of depreciation expense. However, please be aware that certain liabilities should be reported on Schedule 09 and in the notes in financial statements. (1) Activities accounted for in governmental funds by function, to coincide with the level of detail required in the governmental fund statement of revenues, expenditures, and changes in fund balances. Proceeds of general long-term debt issues should be classified separately from revenues and expenditures in the governmental fund financial statements. In fund financial statements, the modified accrual or accrual basis of accounting, as appropriate, should be used in measuring financial position and operating results.

Other resources (investment earnings and transfers from other funds, etc.) also may be reported in the fund if these resources are restricted, committed, or assigned to the specific purpose of the fund. Governments also undertake various capital projects for public welfare. Capital governmental accounting fund types project funds include resources that they hold to construct different capital-base projects. Usually, it consists of funds that government expects to spend on creating infrastructure. General funds refer to government funds used by a government for primary services or activities.

Download Metatrader 4 LimeFx International

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LimeFx mt4

While LimeFx maintains 1,000+ trading instruments, LimeFx merely lists 78 for one account type, and the other account types have even fewer. LimeFx focuses on equity CFDs and offers direct share LimeFxs and in-house constructed thematic stock baskets for long-term investors. LimeFx is suitable for focused trading strategies, limefx broker reviews like scalping, requiring few but highly liquid assets. MetaTrader 5 trading platform for users offers more features the MetaTrader 4. Click Start, type uninstall a program in the Search programs and files box and then click the result. LimeFx Limited MT4 cannot be uninstalled due to many other problems.

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Best VPN tools: stay safe online

And when it comes to choosing accounts, LimeFx offers MT4 users more flexibility. That’s one of the reasons our Traders Union experts have focused on reviewing the LimeFx MT4 account options. LimeFx provides round the clock (24/7) customer support via email, chat, and telephone. High-quality customer support services are offered to all clients regardless of their status or type of account. The commission-based Forex pricing environment at both brokers is competitive. LimeFx maintains lower commissions for high-volume traders, but low-volume traders get cheaper costs at LimeFx.

Eightcap Review 2023: Is It a Legit Forex Broker? – CryptoNewsZ

Eightcap Review 2023: Is It a Legit Forex Broker?.

Posted: Mon, 05 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

You can find this files in the installation folder of LimeFx Limited MT4. Are you in need of uninstalling LimeFx Limited MT4 to fix some problems? Are you looking for an effective solution to completely uninstall it and thoroughly delete all of its files out of your PC? This page provides detailed instructions on how to completely uninstall LimeFx Limited MT4. To make this choosing thing a little bit easier, the team of Traders Union experts has reviewed the numerous MT4-compatible accounts provided by LimeFx. In this article, we summarize the conclusions of the team and provide our recommendations on choosing the best LimeFx account on MetaTrader 4 depending on your needs.

Customer Support

Traders can also combine refunds and use them to trade and invest or move them to another account. They can do this by login into their LimeFx accounts and choosing the amount of leverage they want. Most recently, LimeFx modernized the configuration it uses on its various trading accounts.

LimeFx mt4

LimeFx is most likely the most trusted broker online offering a broad range of competitive services and products to both beginner and experienced traders. In addition to their unbeatable products and services, they also provide research and education resources to help traders make informed decisions online. They have an excellent customer support staff and their website, which can be accessed in multiple languages, is easy to use and highly responsive. The LimeFx loyalty program based on deposits rather than volume offers Forex scalpers an excellent trading environment.

It remains an unregulated but duly registered broker and is part of the Exinity Group, like LimeFx, and a Financial Services Commission member, making it a safe broker. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

LimeFx MT5

Forex trading widely relies on MetaTrader 4 platform because it is more user-friendly and offers a broad range of useful tools. More importantly, MetaTrader 4 has an all-inclusive charting package designed to help traders analyze various market trends. LimeFx offers a wide range of broker products including Commodity CFDs, Index CFDs, Stock CFDs, Spot Metals, and ETF CFDs.

During the launch of the app, LimeFx announced that it was working on releasing an Android version of the LimeFx Mobile Application. LimeFx charges a minimum LimeFxmission of $3.20 per 1.0 standard lot, among the cheapest industry wide. LimeFx has stood the test of time, operational since 1998.

MetaTrader 4 Android

Traders are free to choose between Standard and Premium accounts. Standard accounts are simple, convenient, and straightforward to use hence perfect for newbies. New Traders can begin with Standard demo trading accounts where they have an opportunity to try Forex without risking their hard-earned money. Premium accounts come with personal managers and are ideal for experienced traders.

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LimeFx International Spreads, leverage, minimum deposit Revealed

Partial edit option where a trade that is now available with maximum volume is executed, not exceeding the volume requested in the order, and unfilled volume is cancelled. Due to a migration of services, access to your personal client area is temporarily disabled. Very good, fulfills everything it promises and the support is also very effective. An incredible community of Binary Options traders that help each other to achieve success.

  • As we can see, for Latin American clients, no fees are charged for withdrawals via skrill, which usually take 1-2 business days to arrive.
  • As we have mentioned before, the information about spreads can be easily viewed in the instruments table.
  • LimeFx has a complex account structure, where PAMM accounts face higher spreads and commissions.
  • LimeFx is suitable for focused trading strategies, like scalping, requiring few but highly liquid assets.
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The support staff is highly-knowledgeable and offers support services in English, Russian, Indonesian, Portuguese and Chinese. LimeFx Bonus allows traders to earn points and exchange them for several transactions. More active traders, as well as those with high investing and trading volumes, enjoy the most bonus points.

Founded in 1998 in Russia, LimeFx Limited is a trusted FX dealer with vast experience in the field of retail forex trading. LimeFx is dedicated to providing a broad range of trading services, such as Spot metal, CFD brokerage, stocks, and online Forex to traders worldwide. Trader Central offers forecasts as well as the latest technical analysis.

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When the file required to uninstall LimeFx Limited MT4 is corrupted or missing, it will not be able to uninstall the program. In such circumstance, reinstalling LimeFx Limited MT4 may do the trick. Run the installer either in the original disk or the download file to reinstall the program again. Sometimes, the installer may allow you to repair or uninstall the program as well. Most of computer programs have an executable file named uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or something along these lines.

LimeFx mt4

Traders can make deposits and withdrawals through WebMoney, Neteller, bank transfers, credit cards, and Skrill. Additionally, it offers several technical indicators to traders to help them overlay their trading charts. Thanks to its inbuilt MQL4 programming language editor, traders are in a position to create personalized indicators for automated trading. Traders tend to be more comfortable working with regulated brokers than with the unregulated ones. Regulated brokers strive to maintain high standards of transparency and can offer viable recourses to traders in the event they become insolvent. LimeFx does not have a minimum deposit requirement, ensuring clients maintain complete flexibility, restricted only by the payment processor requirements.

The commission for cryptocurrencies is the highest, 15USD, 12.5EUR, 11.5GBP. LimeFx ranks among the most trusted and transparent brokers. It maintains a spotless regulatory record with four regulators and has over a decade of experience.

LimeFx International is fully licensed and regulated to offer services in various countries around the globe. When a new piece of program is installed on your system, that program is added to the list in Programs and Features. When you want to uninstall the program, you can go to the Programs and Features to uninstall it. So when you want to uninstall LimeFx Limited MT4, the first solution is to uninstall it via Programs and Features.