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  11. Mai 2021, von Sebastian

And what are the challenges standing in the way of the true digital mortgage? In this blog post, we’ll look at the current state of the digital mortgage. The trends listed above will transform the industry sooner rather than later, but there are already a number of players on the market who have implemented innovations and created new-age mortgage solutions. We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software. Building a mortgage app is a challenging task, therefore, it would be best if you roll out an MVP first to test software and business performance.

We’ll help you capture your audience, and then we’ll help you incorporate everything necessary into your entire workflow. „With Lodasoft, We cut turn times by over two weeks, and we are delivering cleaner and more complete files to Remote Interview: 14 Tips For a Successful Interview our investors.“ Your borrowers will feel the difference with every touch, every click, every step of the way. Learn how to effectively navigate the market research process to help guide your organization on the journey to success.

Entire loan officer toolkit in an easy to use platform

Consumer experience vastly improves with the implementation of a Digital Mortgage Platform. Consumers have come to expect to Apple-esque experiences, and they seek out these experiences whenever possible. Digital Mortgage Platforms low-friction approach to mortgage origination are designed with these modern consumers in mind.

We expect established banks will also, generally, benefit from more stable funding profiles, not least due to customer deposits. This will insulate them against volatility in market funding that could bedevil fintech providers. Faster application process, and the prospect of 24/7 operations, should enable banks to originate more loans, while scalability offered by automation means that increased volume will come at minimal additional cost. That will provide banks with scope to expand their loan books, so long as funding permits, while a less onerous applications process could also foster increased demand. Digitalization should also offer lenders greater security, largely due to more robust and transparent document handling that is inherent to automation.

Ice Mortgage Technology Platform

This is something that those at the industry’s forefront have long wanted to see. Hypomo is a global online mortgage broker that aims to simplify mortgage deals by processing them completely online, for free. Certified by the National Bank of Slovakia, the online mortgage company aims to transform the traditional broker system by paying their staff a monthly wage instead of interest for each closed deal. For instance, intermediary mortgage firms engaged in peer-to-peer software solutions earn from home-buyers’ fixed payments or by taking a small fee from both the borrower and the lender based on the total loan amount.

The digital transition will create winners and losers among established banks (depending on how well they adapt to the new paradigm) and open the door to new entrants. At the same time, digitization and standardization of mortgages should enable mortgage market participants to better manage loan-portfolio risk, which may also have positive credit quality implications. Leverage intelligent workflow automation, exception-based processing, integrated data and pricing, modern digital solutions and more to streamline your end-to-end mortgage lending workflow. Leverage intelligent workflow automation, exception-based processing, integrated data and pricing, digital solutions and more to streamline your end-to-end loan origination workflow. Black Knight offers a complete suite of easy-to-use digital solutions that provide convenient anytime, anywhere access, seamless communication capabilities and efficient functionality. Our secure digital solutions seamlessly integrate with Black Knight’s industry-leading origination and servicing platforms.


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