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  11. April 2022, von Sebastian

outsourced payroll

Another potential way to save on your overall payroll costs is to see if a payroll provider offers bundled options or packages. As we discussed, many vendors provide other complimentary solutions to help you manage your workforce such as benefits and HR consulting services. Often, you’ll realize a price break if you implement multiple services with your provider.

  • If your company already has an existing Human Resource Information System (HRIS), working with a payroll provider whose technology can work with your system will make things much easier.
  • They should evaluate the costs of in-house payroll management compared to payroll outsourcing, and determine what the ROI of their investment will be, among other considerations that we will describe later.
  • Customer support features for any assistance when working with a payroll outsourcing firm.
  • Employment regulations, data and compliance requirements, and tax legislations are complex, prone to change, and vary from country to country.
  • Simple outsourcing options allow you to manage payroll data from a phone or desktop application, while higher-value options allow you to connect directly with professional support.
  • We strive to pay competitively to boost morale and enthusiasm of the employee to work toward achieving the objectives of the Company.

Look for providers whose software is compatible with yours or can be easily integrated with an API, otherwise, you may have to migrate your entire system over to theirs or manually provide them with data during each pay cycle. There are many advantages to outsourcing payroll but one of the most cited reasons is that it is more time and cost-efficient. Another popular opinion in favour of payroll outsourcing is that it offers greater resilience against disruption. It is important for the right global payroll partner to stay up to date with changing regulations. Managing global payroll requires knowledge of country-specific employment laws and tax regulations. Depending on your business requirements, you can customize the payroll services you want to outsource while retaining control of certain aspects.

If your company offers multiple healthcare plans, each with different contribution amounts, managing these figures can become quite complicated. These contributions are further impacted by an employee’s status (single vs. married, dependents vs. none, part-time vs. full-time, etc.) as well as their salary level. These mistakes can lead to audits and penalties — situations no business wants or needs. According to the IRS, more than 1.8 million tax returns were audited in 2016 for businesses with income between $200,000 and $1 million, and 978,564 businesses were assessed civil penalties. Even if these errors are caught before they are submitted, they can still cause countless hours of reprocessing employee paychecks and tax returns.

There have been prosecutions of individuals and companies, who acting under the appearance of a payroll service provider, have stolen funds intended for payment of employment taxes. While a company needs to retain control over the core operations that set their business apart from the rest, they may find immense value in outsourcing supporting and back-office functions like payroll processing. With over 20 years of human resource management and payroll experience, we specialize in modern and professional payroll services that match your business needs on the back of our award winning Workplaze HR system and dedicated professionals. They can ensure you avoid any common mistakes, and move toward the new setup with minimal business disruption, including compilation of existing data and any checks and validations that are required along the way.

Data protection and security

Outsourcing companies remain up to date on the latest technological innovations. As a result, outsourcing payroll eliminates the cost of software maintenance and upgrades. Many specialised payroll service companies use RPA to speed up and improve the accuracy of overseas payroll processing. Aggregator model – for businesses looking for a single process globally, using an aggregator payroll provider may seem like the perfect fit. However, aggregators usually contract with third-party, in-country providers to execute payroll for global companies, which can result in inconsistent service levels and lack of control and potential risk for non-compliance penalties. In-country provider – choosing an in-country provider can be a good option for businesses to outsource payroll if they have no plans to expand their operations abroad.

The payroll companies we mentioned above do everything that we have been doing for our clients for years. We do it with the personal touch of people who are truly invested in seeing your business grow. All across the nation and around the world, business owners operate companies of all sizes in every imaginable industry with anywhere from 1 to 2.3 million employees (the largest private employer is Walmart, in case you were wondering). Processing payroll in-house is time-consuming and requires lots of attention to detail, and that demand increases as staff numbers grow.

Finding a provider that can supplement their payroll solutions with high-quality, personalised customer service also makes a world of difference. Payroll is complex and you want to work with a partner who understands your business and can give you the attention and support it needs when challenges arise. Here is our set of top considerations companies should look at when outsourcing payroll providers. As a result, a growing number of businesses pebbles real estate reviews, ratings are choosing to outsource their payroll efforts to global providers who can support them with on-ground solutions that are tailored to their objectives and specifications. All payroll risks and challenges can be mitigated when you outsource payroll tasks and challenges to an external service provider. Outsourcing payroll can benefit all types of companies, especially if your employees travel on a business trip into new markets.

Preparing and remitting payroll taxes and returns to government agencies

The assurance that payroll information is handled efficiently is provided by choosing a reputable payroll partner. According to a Statista survey published in 2022, 12% of companies globally fully outsourced payroll, while 26% co-outsourced payroll. In a nutshell, Multiplier simplifies complex payroll and tax payments for companies, saving a great deal of time and resource use at large. The platform makes it easier to keep track of payments and approve and pay employees working for firms from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, our team of professionals handles legal compliance, taxes, and necessary payroll deductions, which can be challenging when you employ a global team.

ADP works with employers to determine the right payroll setup for their business, whether it’s a start-up company or an international enterprise. Not having to spend long hours on administrative work affords employers the ability to focus on business growth initiatives, and improved accuracy can prevent costly penalties. In addition, full-service payroll providers that offer flexible pay options and self-service apps can help improve employee satisfaction. When a business delegates a portion or all of its payroll operations to a third party, it’s known as payroll outsourcing. In addition to running payroll, full-service providers typically help with tax reporting, regulatory compliance, data security and unemployment claims.

Multiply each of these calculations by the number of employees in your business and it’s easy to see why calculations alone can take a significant chunk of time out of your week. If you decide to go forward with payroll outsourcing, here is a brief overview of some of the steps that are involved with a successful outsourcing partnership. Outsourcing payroll to a third-party provider makes the company and its employees dependent on them to some extent. Business leaders may feel like they’ve lost control and visibility over a crucial process within their organization when they outsource payroll to a third party. One of the biggest draws of outsourcing payroll is that it can help companies become more efficient with their resources.

The Company adopts the policy of encouraging, and facilitating our shareholders to exercise their fundamental rights such as participating in shareholders’ meetings, casting ballots during meeting in person or by proxy. Issues affecting the direction of the business operation are listed in the meeting agenda and proposed for the shareholders’ approval. Focus your best on growing your business while we handle the complex details of payroll with our best effort. Depending on what solutions you need and if custom development is required, it can take time to implement a new system.

We know the challenges of building global teams

Finding a trustworthy third-party provider goes a long way, but a company can’t just pass off any payroll mistakes that arise as the fault of its provider and move on. At the end of the day, the company is still responsible for properly compensating its employees, and problems created or left unresolved by the provider will continue to cost time and money until they’re addressed. The client company also remains liable for tax remittance whether or not it has outsourced this particular payroll function, meaning it’s on the hook for any errors even if it’s not immediately responsible.

It involves both submitting documentation to tax authorities and remitting the tax dollars. Upon exchange of information and establishment of procedures, the payroll outsourcing provider begins its actual work. Pay is usually distributed according to a clearly defined schedule (every two weeks is popular).

outsourced payroll

Given the sensitivity of the data involved in running payroll – employee bank details, social security numbers and so on – it can be a prime target for cybercriminals because the rewards on offer can be so substantial. Ensuring that your payroll partner has top-quality security measures in place is therefore one of the most vital factors to account for in your selection process. The second possible pitfall is that outsourcing to a third party naturally increases the risk of a data breach or of a cyberattack, as access to that data is widened to allow the payroll provider to operate. The first is that you will lose some direct oversight of your processes when you’re hiring a payroll partner to take care of them for you. This isn’t necessarily a problem if you have a trustworthy, reliable partner that you can depend on to understand your payroll needs and get things right. However, if this isn’t the case, you may find yourself responsible for legal, financial and reputational consequences of errors that your partner has made.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Payroll

For companies newer to outsourcing, however, it’s worth taking plenty of time to select the right provider and to make sure all other aspects of an arrangement check out. Suppliers have a standard set of “canned” payroll reports, and usually offer report writing software that allows you to extract information and present it in formats that are specific to your company. Suppliers have a core group of highly-trained staff who not only know their systems and payroll regulations quite well, but who also provide training to clients, as well as advice over the phone. This is so that you don’t run into any non-compliance risks that might result in harsh penalties, reputational damage that can compromise the good standing of your company, and revocation of licenses. It is less likely that a company will face these types of risks when everything is kept internally. Pay your employees on time using an advanced, error-free platform and make them even more comfortable while scaling up your business to reach new heights.

Pay Cards

Here we discuss the opportunities – and challenges – in achieving the kind of global growth and success we can all share. Before you sign the dotted line, review the full pricing and contract terms so you fully understand the conditions of the partnership. Request or make any amendments if needed, and make sure your legal team is able to review the conditions as well. This is where you can discuss the unique needs of your organization, the size, and any other pertinent information that the provider will need to know to be successful. If either of these factors are not aligned, integration with the external partner can be very clunky and inefficient, which can keep the engagement from being successful or result in inaccurate outcomes. In the current structure of the Board of Directors, there are 5 non-executive Directors among a total of 7 Directors, which is appropriate to its size, category and business complications in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code.

When choosing a global payroll solution, knowing what to look for will simplify the process. Those who have experience negotiating outsourcing contracts with third parties can use their past experiences as a guide. If your company has never outsourced before, it’s a good idea to spend some time selecting the right provider and making sure all other aspects of your arrangement are in order.

Once information has been exchanged and procedures established, the payroll outsourcing provider begins its actual duties. This almost always involves distributing pay on a clearly defined schedule (every two weeks is popular). As with performing payroll functions in-house, applicable taxes must be withheld by the provider before payments are made. Business owners who place a high value on their time and peace of mind often end up outsourcing payroll.

Is it common to outsource payroll?

When nominating independent Directors, Directors and CEO; the Board of Directors shall ensure that the process of nominating candidates is transparent. The Board of Directors ensure that in attaining business objectives, the Management has reviewed, developed, and supervised the efficient and effective use of resources by always taking into account the internal and external factors. The Company’s Board of Directors is aware of and places importance on the rights of our shareholders (including institutional shareholders) and the Company shall not perform any acts in manner likely to violate the rights of our shareholders.


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