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MPC and multi-sig are two different cryptographic techniques that are used for different purposes. MPC, which stands for multi-party computation, is a cryptographic technique that allows multiple parties to jointly compute a function on their inputs, without revealing those inputs to each other. Fireblocks, which has developed an enterprise-grade platform for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets, is laying off 30 employees, accounting for 5% of the team.

Platform-Icon Security SOC 2 Type II certification, regular pen-tests, and an unprecedented insurance policy.

Through its proprietary fireblocks mpc Hex Safe, we deliver custody, DeFi, brokerage, and financing solutions for financial institutions, digital asset organizations, corporate and private clients. Hex Trust has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam and is expanding across Europe and the Middle East. Fireblocks offers more advanced MPC wallet technology that is more secure, flexible and cost effective compared to BitGo’s antiquated multi-sig wallet technology.

Financial Services & Investing

Having a phrase that can move the entire contents of an account in an instant can be scary. Some people are willing to rely fully on themselves to keep something this important safe. This type of recovery is immediately more familiar and far less scary for the majority of people. Almost everyone who has created an account of any kind online knows how to recover their login using an email, trusted contact, cloud backup, or their biometric scan.

This skyrockets operational efficiency for teams and individual wallet holders. As a community, crypto has been dogmatically clinging to a purported “private key gold standard,” more obsessed about the technology than providing what people actually need. In the paper, Canetti, Makriyannis, and Peled LINK outline how to securely cut the number of rounds needed to sign an MPC transaction by 10-fold. While Gennaro and Goldfeder’s algorithm requires 9 rounds to sign a transaction, MPC-CMP only requires 1. A digital assets BNB manager that provides visualization into all your DeFi standings.

Integration with existing core banking web and mobile applications

In fact, it is encouraged to use more than 1 wallet when storing cryptoassets. Already being used at the institutional level – companies like Fireblocks are helping custody billions of dollars of cryptoassets with MPC cryptography. It’s time average users get the same bulletproof security as the big players, and developers understand the security benefits of MPC to onboard more crypto users. „We’re freely providing custodians and MPC vendors with our new algorithm to drive innovation, boost adoption, and prepare digital assets for the broader institutional market.“ Fireblocks is a platform for creating blockchain products and managing digital asset operations. Compared to legacy multi-sig technology the cost of supporting ETH and BTC wallets is non-existent.

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks enables funds, family offices, banks, and web3 businesses to securely scale operations through the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. Fireblocks serves over 1300 financial institutions, has secured over $3 trillion in digital asset transfers and has a unique insurance policy covering assets in storage and transit. Some of the biggest funds have switched to Fireblocks because it’s the only solution that CISOs and ops teams both love.

Fireblocks enables banks, fintech, exchanges, liquidity providers, OTCs, and hedge funds to securely manage digital assets across a wide rangeof products and services. The technology consists of the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. When it comes to cryptocurrencies or any other financial product for that matter, the central concern is data security — how do you stop people running off with your money? Cryptography has long been the answer, with scrambled data only able to be decoded if a user has the ‘key’ to the code. Needless to say, this ‘private key’ needs to be stored safely as anyone who has access to it can use it to transfer assets to their own account — or in the blockchain world, to their own crypto wallet. It’s in this area of private key security that MPC technology (Multi-Party Computation) has become one of the most effective tools around.

Fireblocks also offers enterprise-grade custody solutions for institutions and large investors who need to securely store large amounts of cryptocurrency. These solutions are designed to meet the strict security and regulatory requirements of financial institutions, and provide a secure and compliant way to manage digital assets. Fireblocks began serving crypto-native investment managers and exchanges and has since expanded its customer base to include some of the largest traditional financial institutions and fintech companies in the world.

  • The integration of Aurora with Fireblocks will enable institutional users on the network to access fast, low-cost, safe, and secure access to manage their funds on the network.
  • 27 September 2022, GATENet and Fireblocks today announced the integration of Fireblocks’ award-winning digital asset and crypto technology to become an integral element of the GATENet Digital FMI.
  • Fireblocks’ Secure Transfer Environment allows institutions to transfer digital assets across 25+ exchanges, counterparties, custodians, and wallets in a secure manner.
  • Copper operates a crypto custody and prime broking platform for digital assets.

In light of this progress, Fireblocks is opening two new offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and will deliver its MPC-based technology to the Asia-Pacific region. To utilize your digital assets, you need a public key and a private key; your ability to safely hold and transfer the asset itself is only guaranteed as long as the private key is safe. Once that key is in someone else’s hands, they can transfer the assets to their own wallet. Therefore, preventing the theft of private keys is crucial to maintaining digital asset security. BitGo provides a bitcoin security platform to mitigate risk and optimizes capital efficiency. It offers a multi-signature wallet, portfolio management, corporate treasury, and enterprise enablement to secure Bitcoin from theft and loss.

In 2022, over 1,500 organizations deployed its technology to protect customer and investor funds, strengthen digital asset security, and streamline day-to-day crypto operations. Ledger leverages encrypted chips technology to build security solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchains. The company builds hardware wallets for consumers, hardware security modules for enterprises and hardware oracles for the IoT world. „Fireblocks‘ mission is to enable every business to easily and securely support digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Our all-in-1 platform is designed to support both new and fast growing crypto firms.“ Multi-party computation does away with this problem, as the private key is now no longer held by any one party at any point in time. Instead, it is decentralized and held across multiple parties (i.e. devices), each blind to the other.


There is no seed phrase to manage – shares are managed by intuitive MFA flows that users are familiar with. Those who prefer unlimited control may opt for permanent on-site installation, whereas those who need a system that works for them with minimal input would choose Saas. Well, the flexibility of this incredible system allows for all types of implementation, enabling Escrpyto and Fireblocks to fit into your operations, not the other way around. Whichever suits your style, needs, or operational processes most – you now have access to the most secure MPC wallet.

Fireblocks technology will be integrated into GATENet’s Digital Financial Market Infrastructure for greater operational efficiency in the movement of assets. ISA is looking to squeeze digital assets into already existing securities laws, which would allow it to treat them as financial investments. Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine based on the layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain NEAR Protocol.

crypto wallet is an easy-to-use platform to create innovative products on the blockchain and manage day-to-day crypto operations, such as moving, storing, and distributing digital assets. Fireblocks combines its MPC-CMP wallet infrastructure with hardware enclave isolation to eliminate a single point of failure and insulate digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error. Copper operates a crypto custody and prime broking platform for digital assets. That means all digital asset custodians and MPC vendors can access our new protocol and use it for free. In addition, the algorithm is universally composable, guaranteeing strong security properties for any implementation out-of-the-box.

OCTOBER 2022 Modern Slavery Statement – Fireblocks

OCTOBER 2022 Modern Slavery Statement.

Posted: Thu, 02 Feb 2023 21:34:16 GMT [source]

Founded in 2018, Fireblocks is an end-to-end platform to store, transfer, and issue digital assets. Using best-in-class MPC-CMP cryptography, Fireblocks provides institutional-grade custody technology for digital assets, facilitating almost instantaneous transfer without compromising security. Fireblocks has also built a network of authenticated counterparties for seamless asset transfer and liquidity, driving strong network effects for all customers and stakeholders. These customers include some of the most prolific traders, exchanges, and institutions who serve millions of consumers, underscoring Fireblocks’ enterprise-grade solution. In addition to its digital asset wallet, Fireblocks also offers a MPC security platform that enables businesses and institutions to securely manage and transfer large amounts of cryptocurrency. The platform uses a multi-signature approach, where multiple parties must sign off on a transaction before it can be completed, to provide an additional layer of security.

In addition, with the private key completely secure, users can now hold their assets online and no longer need cumbersome cold-storage devices. This means that transferring digital assets is now more fluid and no compromise is required between security and operational efficiency. Multi-sig, on the other hand, is a cryptographic technique that requires multiple signatures or keys in order to complete a transaction. This is typically used in the context of digital asset wallets, where a multi-sig wallet requires multiple parties to sign off on a transaction before it can be completed. This provides an additional layer of security, as it prevents a single party from being able to unilaterally spend the funds in the wallet.

What does MPC mean in Blockchain?

What is MPC (multi-party computation) and how does it work? In a general sense, MPC enables multiple parties – each holding their own private data – to evaluate a computation without ever revealing any of the private data held by each party (or any otherwise related secret information).

GATENet combines traditional capital market experience, fintech innovations and a growing network of partners to build a unique model for the trading and settlement of digital securities and digital assets . GATENet is delivering on-chain financial market, settlement and registry solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for all issuers, investors and market participants everywhere. In summary, MPC and multi-sig are two different cryptographic techniques that are used for different purposes. MPC allows multiple parties to securely collaborate on a computation, while multi-sig provides an additional layer of security for digital asset transactions.

  • Before MPC tech, private keys were stored in a single location with a wallet owner having to rely on trust that these locations were secure.
  • Platform-Icon Security SOC 2 Type II certification, regular pen-tests, and an unprecedented insurance policy.
  • Additionally, it allows institutions located in areas with strong regulations around cold storage to utilize MPC in an offline wallet.

With the growing number of VCs and institutions slowly onboarding on the now famous NEAR’s EVM, integrating the network became an easy and useful add-on to the already broad solutions provided by Fireblocks. Crypto transaction fees are one of the most talked about issues with digital wallets. However, with Fireblocks and Escrpyto, we’re able to reduce these costs by 90%. Now, wallet users can send and receive transactions at scale without overwhelming operating costs. With MPC technology in play, a potential hacker now has a much harder task ahead of them.

That means a malicious actor only has a few moments to steal all the key shards before the shares are refreshed and they have to start over – effectively adding a new layer of protection to our multi-layered security system. Doerner et al.’s MPC algorithm accomplishes a threshold using just 6 signatures. Yet, again, the level of efficiency that’s possible with today’s technology is still higher than this. The goal of MPC is to design a protocol, where, by exchanging messages only with each other, John, Rob, and Sam can still learn F without revealing who makes what and without having to rely on an external third party. They should learn no more by engaging in the MPC than they would have by interacting with their trustworthy mutual friend. While the idea behind cryptography can appear simple, the field does include some extremely complex math.

Does Fireblocks use MPC?

Customers and investors want instant access to funds. Fireblocks' MPC-CMP algorithm helps you meet client SLAs regardless of your wallet configuration. MPC-CMP gives you 8x faster transaction signing speed and enables you to customize your wallet temperature – choose between hot, cold, or warm wallets.

Multi-Party Computation and is a field of cryptography born 30 years ago. Fireblocks has made MPC-CMP open to peer review to ensure its strength and efficiency in order to implement the new algorithm by end of Q2 2020. Alchemy combines the most powerful web3 developer products and tools with resources, community and legendary support. Join the largest institutional players running their businesses with Fireblocks MPC Wallet As A Service.


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