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  18. November 2022, von Sebastian

bullish or bearish

This shows that we receive an accurate signal for making a transaction after the last third price tap. In this situation, it is also possible to enter both after breaking a line and after forming a local top or even after breaking this top. To get a more reliable forecast, the Triple Taps strategy can be combined with the Fibonacci tools. The appearance of a diagonal triangle on the chart signals completion of an upward trend. If you see such a structure on the chart, i.e., the impulse wave truncation will occur, you should know this is a reliable signal of a trend reversal. And here I tried to demonstrate the fractal nature of the market.


Creating a trading plan or multiple plans for various assets and scenarios will determine the outcome of your Forex trading approach. Many traders continue to underestimate the impact of psychology once the portfolio has open positions in a live account. In most cases, emotions take control of the decision-making progress, leading to trading losses. Learn how to develop your trading plans, and most importantly, how to follow them no matter what will happen. You can adjust them once you have sufficient trade data. Each trader needs to find an answer to that question.

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There are numerous reasons for this, including the 24/5 tradability of it and the low capital entry requirements plus leverage, allowing more traders a chance to start trading. One of the often-overlooked aspects of successful trading is education. While there is no official course to take or lessons to learn, there are countless educational content available. Regrettably, many offers, training sessions, Forex ebooks, and trading academies come at a cost. Self-proclaimed experts and professionals who failed at trading usually provide them, supported by extensive marketing campaigns.

Learn more about cryptocurrency trading – from how the market works and what typically drives the prices, to different types of instruments and trading strategies. This helpful ebook will help you understand when to place trades and what the charts are telling you. Written by a professional trader, these proven strategies will give you an edge to boost your confidence and help your trading succeed.

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What is the most popular trading strategy using the moving average? When the price crosses above the moving average, it’s a buy signal. So we buy, when the closing price is above MA; and we sell, when the closing price is below MA. On the Tradingview platform, you can find the moving average in the “Indicators“ section on the upper taskbar.

Ascending triangle Ascending triangle is considered to be a type of symmetrical triangle. Ascending triangle is considered to be a bullish pattern, descending triangle – bearish, while the symmetrical triangle is believed to be neutral. As a rule, this pattern is formed near a strong resistance level, predicting its breakout.

You already understand that financial markets move in a focused manner. That is, we are confident that the market participants will continue to buy. If we observe a downward trend, where each new low is lower than the previous one, then we understand that traders will continue to focus on lowering price. To determine the willingness of the price to move in a certain direction, many traders use the highs and lows of the chart.

Where can I practice cryptocurrency trading for free?

  • Crypto Parrot.
  • CryptoSpaniards.
  • Bitsgap.
  • Bitcoin Hero.
  • Bitcoin Flip.
  • Bitfinex's Paper Trading.
  • eToro's Demo Account.

Homework 1) Make a fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency market for the past month. Find the most important news that influenced the overall market dynamics 2) Identify the fake news that became a tool for manipulating the cryptocurrency market. However, fortunately, all these factors most often influence a coin price as an exception rather than a rule. Therefore, all the tools for analyzing cryptocurrency remain relevant.

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Convergence is jst the opposite term when the values of price chart and indicator approach each other. But despite their differences, both these phenomena are called divergence in technical analysis. It is the divergence that is considered one of the most reliable and strong signals in technical analysis. But do not forget that you cannot rely on only one indicator. Although I know a large number of professional traders who make market forecasts and trade using only divergence.


For subsequent forecasting of the cryptocurrency trading ebook free, we also measure the height of the pattern and get the percentage of its target. BTC All analysts and speculators use various charts during the technical analysis as this is the simplest, most affordable and reliable way to compare prices over different time frames. After all, technical analysis is an exploration of price changes through the study of charts and with the aim of forecasting its further changes. SMS confirmation and verification are as simple and intuitive as possible, so I will not explain them in detail.

The Triple Bottom pattern is considered reliable in trading. However, it takes a long time to form, so often a trader runs out of patience before it is formed. All three price lows of this pattern are equal, and their formation sometimes takes several months. Therefore, if you want to see this pattern, look for coins with a long downward trend. Double Bottom This pattern is a mirror reflection of the Double Top pattern. While Double Top forms during the uptrend, Double Bottom forms during the downtrend.

Double Top This trend reversal pattern occurs on the chart often. A double top is, perhaps, the most wide-spread pattern after the Head and Shoulders. The pattern is characterized by two consecutive peaks in price located on one horizontal level. Support and resistance levels We have already discussed what support and resistance levels are, so I suggest switching to practice immediately. The next thing you need to remember in technical analysis is the timeframes within which a candle is being formed. Get free daily trading signals, with target entry and exit prices, when you open and fund an account with FxPro.

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World Hearing Day: Widex Canada launches campaign to demystify tinnitus and encourage early treatment.

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If peaks and bottom are not updated, it’s a warning that a trend may reverse. When it comes to trading successfully and achieving consistent market-beating results, it is not about how much money you make but about how much money you keep. Many traders have streaks where they achieve exceptional interim trading results, only to witness a few quick losses evaporate those hard-earned pips.

impulse wave

I gave it 4 ⭐️‘s because it is a lot smaller than I thought. I thought is was getting a bigger notcryptocurrency trading ebook free should be posted. I started my sisterlocks journey almost 5 years ago. I was just thinking about a shirt to reflect my length growth. Thanks for having your business that makes these shirts available. This is a digital download meaning as soon as you purchase the ebook, you will be able to download the ebook via the link provided to you through your email address.

  • The upper zone of the triangle was adjusted, so what you called a breach was false breakout.
  • At DailyForex, our professionals have created Forex ebooks 100% free of charge, granting you the educational value you need and allowing you to keep your money for trading purposes.
  • The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some, or possibly all of your trading capital.

The flag pattern may form during both upward and downward trends. As a rule, the formation of this pattern is preceded by a steep and almost straight line of MATIC price movement. The market seems to rush way ahead of itself and therefore, it should have a rest for a while. After that, the price will continue its movement in the same direction.

Divergence will confirm the correctness of your forecast. We can also add a moving average to the Elliott waves and the RSI oscillator. It demonstrates an example of phasal and cyclic nature of the price. Note that the cyclic nature is observed within the growth phase , i.e., smaller growth phases and smaller decline phases. Thus, we understand that every big wave has a smaller sub-waves. On the Bitcoin chart for 2017, we can see both the growth phase and the price decline phase in the first half of the year.

  • Trading, like any other profession, requires a whole set of certain psychological qualities from you.
  • On the chart, I combined the Elliott Wave Theory with the RSI oscillator, which, as you know, shows not only local overbought or oversold zones, but the divergence and convergence as well.
  • In such a situation it is possible that these orders will manage to stop the market from falling and give it a boost.
  • Patience helps to augment your capital slowly but steadily.

As a bonus to the topic of developing a trading algorithm, I also want to share an idea of a table you can enter the data on all your coins in. The basic problem is usually a lack of work and a lack of education, plus a lack of understanding that most of the time, market movements cannot be forecasted. Stick to your trading strategy and do not make impulsive trading decisions. A successful trader treats short-term failures not as a punishment of the Lord but as a temporary stage on the path towards success.


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